Saturday, September 22, 2012

Butterflies and a Dream

Hello world. So I woke up today with a huge smile on my face because not only did I sleep very well, I also dreamed very well too ;) I had a dream about this man right here ^

                In my dream I was somewhere walking and he came up to me just like in this scene: 

I was literally like " Are you talking to me?" He said "Why yes, of course Beautiful, why wouldn't I be?" I was in total shock and I still feel the butterflies from it. It's the strangest feeling to wake up from an amazing dream like that of a guy as gorgeous as he is wanting to be with YOU. 

I get them now just watching that video. lol 

I live in a dreamworld I know :) 

Anyways, those of you who know me know how "The Notebook" is my favorite movie of all time. So this dream was bound to happen one day or another.. but still, I feel like it's my destiny to meet this fella. ;)

love ya'll 

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