Saturday, September 22, 2012

Butterflies and a Dream

Hello world. So I woke up today with a huge smile on my face because not only did I sleep very well, I also dreamed very well too ;) I had a dream about this man right here ^

                In my dream I was somewhere walking and he came up to me just like in this scene: 

I was literally like " Are you talking to me?" He said "Why yes, of course Beautiful, why wouldn't I be?" I was in total shock and I still feel the butterflies from it. It's the strangest feeling to wake up from an amazing dream like that of a guy as gorgeous as he is wanting to be with YOU. 

I get them now just watching that video. lol 

I live in a dreamworld I know :) 

Anyways, those of you who know me know how "The Notebook" is my favorite movie of all time. So this dream was bound to happen one day or another.. but still, I feel like it's my destiny to meet this fella. ;)

love ya'll 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Southern Plantations, New Friends and Yummy Food. :)

Hello all. I am new to this Blog world and wanted to introduce myself. The name is LeAnn and I am a Vintage enthusiast and therefore love all things vintage and antique.

       My favorite Era is the 1950's and I truly wish I would have grew up in that time period. I love everything from the dresses to the way guys were such gentleman and how girls had such class about them. Times are very different now for sure so I like to "escape" reality and listen to my oldies music and just let it take me back in time . I'm a huge Elvis Presley fan and I also go to Elvis Week every year. I have black pomeranian named Elvis. Yes, I am that much of a die-hard. ;) I love going to concerts and I love live acoustic shows. I'm a southern girl from North Carolina who is living her dream of living in Nashville, Tennessee. It's such a blast living here. I looove it!

                           Here is a picture of my lovely dog Elvis, that is the love of my life <3

  Anyways,  Yesterday I had alot of fun because I met a wonderful girl who is probably gonna end up being one of my best friends. I say that because it's not like you find someone who actually "gets" the whole vintage - Elvis lover- Wish I woulda been born in a different era- thing.  This girl does because she feels THE EXACT SAME WAY I DO! Her name is Quincy and she is a beautiful human being. I could tell just by our talks that she is a sweetheart who will most definitely be a good friend. :)

                                                                           My twin:)

We had lots of fun because we decided, since I have such an obsession with Old Southern Plantations, that we would tour the Belle Meade Plantation and eat lunch there afterwards. The tour was such a delight to do because of all the old antique furniture from the 1800's and just seeing how everyone lived back then.  I'm a big history buff anyways so I was having a ball!

Front of the plantation :)

Behind the house

It was so beautiful outside :)

You weren't allowed to take pictures inside the house but I did sneak a picture of one of the rooms! See why I wanted all of the furniture so badly? It's so beautiful!

We then went to the Belle Meade winery and tried out some very yummy wines! They were all so good! Quincy even bought her husband a bottle!

After the wine tasting we went to go eat lunch at The Harding House which is on the plantation grounds. I got the pulled chicken with blackberry barbecue sauce with cornbread on top and sweet potato fries and beans on the side! It was delicious and only $10!!! I also loved how when we pulled out our money to pay we both had Elvis wallets! So meant to be friends :) P.s.- love that elvis lip Quincy!

A cute little dollhouse!!

The Carriages were gorgeous!!!


I think it's so awesome how all the elvis fans have license plates on the front of their car! Meaning.. yes I have one myself and another one of my friends who is a Elvis fan does too! lol We have our own "Elvis car club" persay. ;)

  All in all it was a great day and I had so much fun with Quincy! We have more vintage adventures planned in the near future so stay tuned! Hope yall enjoyed my pictures and I will continue to post in here when I have free time! Thanks for reading :)

                                                       Much love, LeAnn